What to Wear


Wear casual clothing that you can be comfortable moving in. Most singers choose to remove their shoes at the door, but it is not required. Socks are more comfortable for movement, in this case.

Outdoor/Casual Performances

In most cases, blue jeans and choir t-shirt with tennis shoes will be worn. Layers or jackets according to the weather. Santa hats and red, white and/or black gloves for holiday performances. 

Full stage make-up, including eye make-up, blush and bright red lipstick is required of girls.
Hair should be styled nicely and pulled back from the face whenever possible.'

Indoor/Formal Performances

Fall Semester: 

Everyone will need to purchase a sparkly top (girls) or vest (boys). We order them from a choir outfitting company. The cost is $40.

Pants: Black dress slacks. No cuff, no leggings, no jeans.  We recommend Amy Byer dress slacks for P'zazz girls. you can find them at JCPenney or Kohl's.  

Socks: Black socks or opaque trouser socks/stockings for P'zazz girls and black socks for P'zazz & Dynamix boys.  Dynamix girls may wear nude hosiery or bare feet.

Shoes: All boys must wear black dress shoes, preferably with no laces. P'zazz girls should wear simple black dress flats with no adornment. Ballet style is perfect. Dynamix girls may wear black flats or low heels - whichever works best for their height and comfort while performing. No patent leather, buckles or bling, please.

Spring Semester: 

We like to change things up in the spring. Look for details to come via email each spring.