There are two options for paying tuition. You may pay for the entire semester up front, at a reduced rate, or you may pay monthly. Note: we do offer a reduced tuition rate for families with more than one singer. Please inquire for details.

Semester Tuition: $335

Semester tuition payment is due at the first rehearsal of the semester. In addition to paying a discounted rate, you will also receive 2 FREE tickets to our performance at the Broomfield Auditorium - a $30 value! 

Monthly Tuition: 

August & January: $50
Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec: $90
Feb, Mar, Apr, May: $90

Monthly tuition is due at the first rehearsal of each month. Please pay promptly to enable more efficient accounting and timely cashing of checks.

Performance Fee:$50

A performance fee is charged each semester to help cover the cost of performing with professional musicians. The performance fee is due by the first rehearsal in November and April. You may, of course, pay it sooner. Note: the performance fee is included in the monthly tuition payment. 

Performance Attire:

Cost varies, but budget approximately $100 for new singers. See our What to Wear page for details about performance dress.

Music Deposit: $20 

A deposit is required of all new singers. It is to ensure the safe care and return of music loaned to students. It will be returned at the end of a singer's participation with P'zazz or Dynamix, on the condition that all music has also been returned.


We believe that every talented singer should have the opportunity to sing in a good choir. Therefore, we have a few partial scholarships available for those in financial need. We ask the parents of those who receive financial assistance to fill extra volunteer needs throughout the semester.