Attendance Policies

Rehearsal attendance is mandatory. Rehearsals can never be made up. Even extra practice cannot replace the instruction that takes place during a rehearsal.

The only acceptable excuses for absences are illness or a death in the family.  A sore throat or mild cold is not a reason to be absent. Much learning can be accomplished even if singing is impossible. Please keep singers home who have a fever or who have been vomiting in the past 24 hours.

Rehearsal Requirements

  • Always arrive early to all rehearsals and performances
  • Be highly focused
  • Be professional, respectful, kind and encouraging to all
  • Be prepared - practice at home and in the car
  • Provide 2 healthy snacks per year for the whole group (pre-portioned cheese/crackers, fruit, trail mix, etc.)

Practice Expectations

It is expected that singers will utilize practice CDs and sheet music (provided) to learn their parts. Daily practice is vital to the group’s success. Rehearsals will focus on group work that cannot be accomplished if individual singers do not know their parts.